Who Was The Real Santa Claus?

Who was the real Santa Claus? We can’t say for sure. Separating fact from fiction is an impossible task in this case. Indeed, it’s likely that the stories we have about Nicholas of Myra contain much more fiction than fact. So, what can we say about Nicholas? From sprinting at top speed to halt an execution, to secretly giving away gold in the dead of night, to punching heretics in the face, the stories that come down to us portray a passionate firebrand of a man. Maybe the man behind all the legends is just a pastor passionate for justice, passionate for mercy, and passionate for the truth of the gospel. If that’s the spirit of Saint Nicholas, may we all hope to be a little more like him this Christmas.

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Andrew Menkis | “The Real Santa Claus: Meet Nicholas of Myra” | December 6, 2023


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