Perkins: Worshiping God Outside of The True Christ Is Idolatry

The Jew worships God out of Christ; and so does the Turk; yea and the papists worship God, but yet outside of the true Christ; for (as has been shown elsewhere) the Christ of the papists is a counterfeit Christ. And in many other points of their religion, there is apparent repugnancy to the Word of God; yea of their sacrifice of the Mass, we may as truly say as the apostle did of heathen idol worship, that they sacrifice not unto God, but to the devil for therein is as vile, accursed and abominable idolatry, as ever was devised by man.
William Perkins | The Combat between Christ and the Devil Displayed | The Works of William Perkins, vol. 1, ed. Paul M. Smalley, Joel R. Beeke, and Derek W. H. Thomas  (Grand Rapids, MI: Reformation Heritage Books, 2015), 147–148.



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