Jesus Versus The Movers & Shakers

For well over a decade now, I have heard Christians approvingly employ phraseology about social and ecclesiastical constructs—phrases such as “a seat at the table” and “power structures.” I have a friend who—when he was first coming into the denomination in which I serve as a pastor—told me that he had a mentor who taught him that he needed to position himself strategically around influential people in order to get ahead in the denomination. I passionately sought to emphasize that forming lasting friendships with godly men who will walk alongside you in ministry ought to be our goal; and, that serving others rather than using others is the way of the kingdom. I am often astonished by the bravado I hear bandied about in ecclesiastical circles as acceptable Christian posture. However, I shouldn’t be surprised. The gospel records bear witness to the fact that the quest for self-interest and fleshly greatness was in the hearts of Jesus’ own disciples–as it is in my own heart.

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Nicholas Batzig | “The Path to True Greatness” | July 27, 2023


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