Connecticut Church Sues Over Vaccine Mandate

A Connecticut church is suing the state for allegedly breaching its First Amendment rights by no longer allowing parents’ religious exemptions to vaccines.

The lawsuit comes after the state ordered Milford Christian Church to implement the vaccine mandate and expel students who refused to comply. The parish refused to force students in its pre-K program and K-12 Academy to be vaccinated.

The church claimed it violated its religious conscience to mandate the injections.

. . . ‘We’re going to take it until we win it,’ Loomer told Ainsley Earhardt. ‘We really feel as though the state has overstepped their authority. They’re usurping the parent’s authority in the children’s lives. Read more»

Bailee Hill | “Church fights Connecticut’s vaccine mandate for students: ‘They have overstepped their authority'” | March 15, 2023


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