Christian School Banned From Inter-Scholastic Competition Over Trans Policy

A private Christian school that forfeited a girls’ basketball game rather than play against a team with a transgender player has been banned from Vermont school sporting events.
The Vermont Principals’ Association, which oversees school athletics, said Monday afternoon that Mid Vermont Christian School in Quechee will no longer be eligible to participate in sports and other sponsored activities.

The decision was announced after a Monday morning meeting of the Vermont Principals’ Association executive committee, during which members decided “that policies have been violated at the school level and thus there is an immediate determination of ineligibility for Mid-Vermont Christian in VPA sanctioned activities and tournaments going forward.” Read more»

Peter D’Auria | “Vermont religious school that refused to play team with trans player banned from sporting events” | March 13, 2023


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  1. Your first sentence is wrong; it’s not the transgender student who was banned, but the school who refused to play against the girls’ team that included a biological male. I follow this story because my granddaughter plays basketball on the Mid Vermont team.

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