The Canons Of Dork #11 For January 7, 2023

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About Sarah Perkins

Sarah Perkins (MSc Business and Management, University of Essex; BA Art, University of Montevallo) is a pastor’s wife, married to Harrison, and artist based out of Michigan. She recently changed from full-time work in education management to being a full-time mom to their son Scott. She is the artist behind Illustrated Theology, also doing all the art for The New Geneva, and enjoys reading, travelling, and remembering and reciting useless trivia.


  1. I sort of relate to that – I had a faithful Sunday School teacher at 10 and we had an evangelical vicar at the time. When I grew out of Sunday School, I started going to church, was rather bored with the Te Deum and liturgy generally, but found the sermons interesting. Then someone from the church came to my door and told me that I should be going to “King’s Own” earlier in the morning, and then, if I still wanted, I could go to matins after that. I did go to both for a while, but because I was required on the piano for King’s Own, it was church attendance that dropped off, even though the curate, who took King’s Own, wasn’t on the ball. So when I was exposed to George Bernard Shaw at school, I abandoned Christianity, not to come to any sort of profession until my last undergraduate year, when I had been prevailed upon by Christian Union members to attend the best part of an hour’s faithful Gospel preaching during the university mission. Who knows whether I would have drifted away if I’d continued attending on faithful ministry at church?

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