Religious Freedom Watch: Southwest Ordered To Reinstate Flight Attendant Fired For Pro-Life Beliefs

A federal court has ordered Southwest Airlines and the Transport Workers Union (TWU) to give former flight attendant Charlene Carter her job back after she was allegedly fired over her stance on abortion.

As CBN News reported in July, after a five-year legal battle, Carter was awarded $5.3 million in a lawsuit that she filed back in 2017. She was terminated by the airline company for posting her religious opposition to abortion on social media.

… According to NRTW, the court’s decision, in addition to awarding reinstatement, back-pay, prejudgment interest, and damages to Carter, also hits the TWU union and Southwest with injunctions forbidding them from discriminating against flight attendants for their religious beliefs and from failing to accommodate religious objectors.

The decision also explicitly prohibits Southwest and the union from discriminating against Carter for exercising her rights under the RLA. Carter may, under the RLA, object to the forced payment of the part of dues used for political and other lawfully nonchargeable union expenses, pursuant to the National Right to Work Foundation’s U.S. Supreme Court victory in Ellis v. Railway Clerks (1984). Read More»

Steve Warren | “US Court Orders Southwest to Give Fired Pro-Life Flight Attendant Her Job Back” | December 9, 2022


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  1. good for her….more christians should sue for their rights to their opinions and beliefs. this is not about turning the other cheek becz their type of evil does not change with good acts from others. they are bullies and it will only get worse. bullies only understand when you hit back.

  2. The trouble is that running most companies is boring. You fly planes from one city to another and then fly them back again. All the eager beaver MBAs (disclosure: I do have an MBA) get bored and are looking for something exciting to do, something that will differentiate them from the pack. Voila, the “social conscience”! It’s exciting, it gets you away from the humdrum of running a company, and everyone thinks you are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Thank the Lord that the courts are stepping in and reining in this behavior.

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