The Canons Of Dork #1 For August 20, 2022

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Posted by Sarah Perkins | Saturday, August 20, 2022 | Categorized The Canons of Dork | Tagged Bookmark the permalink.

About Sarah Perkins

Sarah Perkins (MSc Business and Management, University of Essex; BA Art, University of Montevallo) is a pastor’s wife, married to Harrison, and artist based out of Michigan. She recently changed from full-time work in education management to being a full-time mom to their son Scott. She is the artist behind Illustrated Theology, also doing all the art for The New Geneva, and enjoys reading, travelling, and remembering and reciting useless trivia.


  1. I’m sitting all magog for Sarah’s next post!

    P.S. Could Sarah do an Escher-style depiction of “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” (I’ve been looking for ages for such an illustrator)?

  2. Having been on the receiving end of said “dork’s” question, I soon found out what my teenage daughter meant when she gave me the “180 degree eye-roll.” More, please.

  3. The proper response to the question is found in Question 673 of “The Littlest Child’s Catechism,” by Bob R., aka “T.otally R.esplendent Guy” (phd, Reformed Digital University).

    • I’m kind of poking myself in the eye here. I do remain conflicted about my (mis?)spent youth. A few years ago, I asked a prominent PCA pastor whether I should renounce my reputation as one of the “second wave” of TR’s in the early 1970s. He replied, “What do you have to repent of?”

  4. Surely he needs to know on which side of the aisle to seat them? Like the ushers at a wedding asking ‘Bride or Groom’?

    • Allan: NO!!!!!!!!!! It’s not right or left, it’s GALLERY or BASEMENT – with the main sanctuary for the ordinary lapsarians – and the hen coop outside for the Bavinck chicken and egg.

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