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A former pastor of the nation’s largest Independent Fundamental Baptist congregation has been released from federal prison, records show. He had pleaded guilty to taking a 16-year-old across state lines for sex.

Jack Schaap, 64, was released Wednesday from the federal prison system, according to Bureau of Prisons inmate records. Court records show Schaap had been incarcerated in the Federal Correctional Institution, Ashland, in Kentucky.

Schaap was the son-in-law of Jack Hyles, founder of First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana, and an affiliated private college, Hyles-Anderson College. The church functioned as the flagship of the loosely organized Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) movement. Schaap took over as First Baptist Hammond’s senior pastor after Hyles died in 2001, the Chicago Tribune reported. Read more»

Sarah Einselen | Former IFB Pastor Convicted of Sexually Abusing Teen Released From Prison | May 7, 2022


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  1. Initially, I was angry, sad, and actually felt a form of persecution by this story. After reading more of the other cases in S. Einselen’s research and the Roys Report, my day was almost ruined (my fault of course). Then, I entered the Scriptures and I was comforted: ” perilous times . . . lovers of themselves . . . money . . . a form of godliness . . . . Yet you must go on steadily in all those things that you have learned and which you know are true . . . . the Holy Scriptures . . . given by inspiration of God.
    Thank the R Report for making us aware of dangerous matters that do exist in the face of the Church.

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