Her First Time In A Confessional Reformed Church

When Sara Drew worshiped at an Orthodox Presbyterian church for the first time, she found a congregation lifting one voice like she had never heard before: “[There were] rich, beautiful, theological hymns that told of God’s deeds, rejoiced in his goodness, and provoked us to holier living—and people sang it like they believed it.”

That morning in 2016 at Faith OPC in Grand Forks, North Dakota, with husband Chris and their three children, was not Sara’s first time experiencing a Presbyterian service. She had been a churchgoer since a child, her parents modeling faithful attendance at a PCUSA in Luverne, Minnesota, and encouraging her involvement in Christian education, youth events, and mission trips “very regularly.” After college, Sara entered seminary and eventually became ordained as a PCUSA minister—not just attending, but leading, church services.

Her first time at Faith OPC, however, the worship “was all new to me,” she reflected.

Chris and Sara Drew, for their part, were something new for Faith OPC. A mission work that had recently entered the denomination from the PCA, Faith OPC was looking for an organizing pastor. When they received a phone call about a candidate named Chris Drew whose previous call had been in the PCUSA—and whose wife was also ordained! —they were bemused, to say the least.

What they soon discovered was that the Drews’ profound interest in Reformed worship had been a long time coming. Read more»

Judith Dinsmore | “Resting and Worshiping in the OPC” | March, 2022


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