What If Big Social Media Told You What They Have Planned For You?

Language caution: the subject of the interview makes a scatalogical reference.


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  1. I’m not sure I believe the authenticity of this clip given its back and forth swing between the willingness of the supposed “planning leader” for the social media company and his otherwise tight-lipped unwillingness to comment. Further, AI isn’t exactly what he seems to be making it out to be. Sure, it can be used as demographics aggregator and hence a kind of trend generator, but it’s a bit of a leap from there to eugenics. Take it with a grain of salt.

    • He’s been scrupulous about the editing bec the MSM challenges his credibility constantly and he gets apologies from them regularly.

      He’s saying that Zuckerberg wants to use AI toward eugenic ends. Why would he lie?

    • Is he lying when he repeatedly says “no” during the follow-up interview to questions he’d already answered in detail previously? In a court of law that might be considered perjury.

      I have no doubt that these megalomaniac captains of the social media industry have less than scrupulous intentions. If they had any morals they would have throttled back on its exponential growth long ago, once they saw its harmful effects. But to make the leap that they can use that technology to somehow bring about eugenic manipulation seems hard to swallow. More likely, they see its sinister mis-use in bringing about disruption and calamity (e.g., the documentary showing hundreds of protesters suddenly arriving at that Chicago restaurant because the owner refused to display a BLM sign could only have happened that quickly via social media and smart phones) leading to the eventual collapse of nation. But then what? Unless maybe they see the strong push by the trans proponents to bring about a sterile segment of society through gender manipulation, ultimately eliminating a certain percentage of the population. Who knows.

      One thing is for certain – it’s all about the accumulation of wealth, therefore power. And as the saying goes, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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