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One of the country’s largest adoption and foster care agencies, Bethany Christian Services, announced on Monday that it would begin providing services to L.G.B.T.Q. parents nationwide effective immediately, a major inflection point in the fraught battle over many faith-based agencies’ longstanding opposition to working with same-sex couples. Read more»

Ruth Graham, “Major Evangelical Adoption Agency Will Now Serve Gay Parents Nationwide,” New York Times (Mar 1, 2021)


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  1. “Not you father’s Oldsmobile” was a catchy advertisement line that attempted to sell consumers on a dying brand. It was far more appealing than the truth—this car has awful resale value but it’s got new trim! “All hands on deck” likewise is a catchy phrase designed to conceal the truth—we are an organization that fears man more than God. Probably to be followed with, “Not your father’s Christianity.”

    • Mike – too late. Gerald Kieschnick already used the phrase “This is not your grandfather’s Lutheran church” back a decade or more ago when he was president of the LCMS. The idea was supposedly to push what was viewed as a stodgy denomination run by old-timers into the 21st Century in order to be “relevant.” Not long after, the synod voted him out OF office during one of their conventions.

  2. For an organization that has done such remarkable work, this is saddening to hear. They should revert back to the old (Christian) policy or change their name and no longer identify as Christian.

    Lord, keep us all from sinful compromise.

  3. “We need to be known for what we are FOR rather than what we are against”. Prior to this announcement, I have heard the phrase used in a few other contexts as an excuse/justification for either capitulating to, or refusal to take a firm stand on the issue. Sadly, it appears to me that the bottom line in this instance is money – the fear of losing federal funding more so than the welfare of the children.

  4. Such news is the reason, why I almost ready to accept the “avoidance if the world” principle.

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