Indy Reformed Holding Services January 17 and 24, 2021 (Updated)

Indy Reformed is a group of Reformed Christians who are committed to seeing a URCNA church planted in the Indianapolis area. The group has been adopted by Zeltenreich Reformed Church in New Holland, PA. The church planting efforts are currently in the development phase with the goal to launch in the Spring of 2022. In January 2021, Indy Reformed will be welcoming a student intern, Austin Reifel, to help develop the work. Austin is a student at Westminster Seminary California with plans to graduate in May of 2021. Austin and his family will visit the Circle City to consider continuing the planting efforts. During his brief internship, the group plans to gather for worship on two Sundays in January.

In a joint effort with Zeltenreich Reformed Church, the worship services will be called by the consistory of Westside Reformed Church (Cincinnati). Services to be held on Sunday January 17th and 24th at 5:00pm at Eunhye Korean Presbyterian Church (5220 E Fall Creek Pkwy N Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46220—NB: corrected address). If you live in Indianapolis, or are visiting during these two weeks, you are invited to join us for worship.

You can support the work in several ways. First, by continuing in prayer for the potential church plant and its development over the next several months. Second, by sharing the upcoming worship services with friends, family, or acquaintances you have in the greater metropolitan area. Finally, by keeping in contact with us at IndyReformed and the various social media platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook).


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  1. Glad you’re not in lockdown like us in London. Hopefully, you may get all your oldies and other vulnerables vaccinated in time to prevent it!

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