On Sale Now For $10.00: Caspar Olevian And The Substance Of The Covenant

Caspar Olevian and the Substance of the CovenantReformation Heritage Books, the publisher, is selling Caspar Olevian and the Substance of the Covenant for $10.00. It is $25.00 on Amazon.

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  1. Just finished it. Very helpful. Would you now speak of Olevian as eclectic philosophically rather than as Aristotelian (62, 72)? Also, (106, 124), do modern conservative Lutherans see the Lord’s Supper as part of justification

    • Shane,

      Thanks for reading it!

      Yes, I think he was somewhat eclectic but he used Aristotelian distinctions. The substance v accidents/administration distinction was very important. Ramus imported Aristotles definitions & distinctions. Ramus’ movement was more pedagogical than substantive.

      “part of” is ambiguous. I think they see both sacraments as the gospel made visible. The supper doesn’t function the way baptism does, for them, to regenerate. The supper as gospel does what the gospel does. The confessional Lutherans (e.g., LCMS, WELS, Lutheran Brotherhood) hold the Book of Concord. You can see it at bookofconcord.org.

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