New Resources Pages On Common Grace And The Sacred/Secular Distinction

These are contentious issues but the popular discussion of them, including some ecclesiastical publications, is not always well-informed by the history of Christian thought. These two resource pages are composed partly out of the HB archives and partly of bibliography. Both sets of issues are related to the rise of the neo-Calvinism movement associated with Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920). The “Kuyperian” movement has several branches that fall out on different sides of these questions but one thing on which they all tend to agree is that the traditional Christian distinction between the sacred and the secular is wrong. I doubt that consensus. Under the influence of neo-Calvinism (which has nothing to do with the largely Baptist “New Calvinism” and so-called Young, Restless, and Reformed movement) we also lost the distinction between nature and grace so that few evangelical and Reformed folk even seem aware that there was a distinction or how it might function.

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