The Bonfire Of The Liberals

Cockburn understands that Sullivan is not just forbidden from writing for the New York magazine about the riots; his contract means he cannot write on the topic for another publication. He is therefore legally unable to write anything about the protests without losing his job — at the magazine that, in 1970, published Radical Chic, Tom Wolfe’s brilliant and controversial excoriation of progressive piety. It’s the bonfire of the liberals!

Cockburn,Why isn’t Andrew Sullivan allowed to write his column?


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  1. The Preacher in Ecclesiastes was on the mark when he remarked “there is nothing new under the sun”. The French Huguenot Mallet de Pan’s editorial comment about the French Revolution, “Like Saturn, the Revolution devours it’s children” has rung true throughout history. Fortunately, Christians are united to our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, while the world is in turmoil we have everlasting peace and a future promise that cannot be taken away.

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