Top Ten Posts Of 2019: Happy New Year From the Heidelblog

Happy New Year from the Heidelblog. Thanks to the two-hundred sixty-three thousand Heidelblog readers in 2019 and to the thousands of you who listened to the Heidelcast. Together (between the Heidelblog and you downloaded posts, pages, and podcasts over 758,000 times. Since 2012 the Heidelblog has had 5.1 million views. I am deeply grateful to those donated (see below) to help keep the HB available. Thank you.

As always a heartfelt thanks to the Wonderful Wizard of Web, whose remarkable and skillful work keeps the HB functioning. On the Heidelblog alone there are more than 6,000 posts (in addition to the Heidelcasts and videos) to manage.

Thanks to those who donated to help keep the Heidelblog and Heidelcast going. Remember, when the coin in the coffer clinks, the cost of bandwidth shrinks.

The Most Downloaded Posts Of 2019

  1. Just In Time For Reformation Day: The Return Of The Federal Visionists (And Their Allies)
  2. He Is Not A Pastor Any More
  3. Machen’s Warrior Children, Ed Stetzer, And Beth Moore
  4. American Gospel Documentary Now Available Online
  5. What Christians Can Learn From Drew Carey About Subverting Culture
  6. Has Doug Wilson Really Changed His Mind About The Federal Vision?
  7. Yes, The Reformed Churches Do Baptize On The Basis Of The Abrahamic Promise
  8. Is It Sin To Vote For Trump Or How Understanding The Twofold Government Helps
  9. Mark Driscoll 2019: Young, Restless, and Freudian
  10. Time To Kiss New Calvinism Goodbye

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  1. How problematic is John Frame’s Systematic Theology for orthodox, Reformed believers? How problematic is the presence of theonomy and acceptance of Doug Wilson’s worldview in a confessional, creedal Reformed body of believers?

  2. Greetings from Kenya. I have been reading The Heidelblog for a couple of years now. The Heidelcast Series: “I Will Be A God To You And to Your Children” and Rev Leon Brown’s series “The Doctrine That Caused Tears” were absolutely crucial in changing my mind on baptism.
    As an outside observer I find it interesting that a post you wrote as the year came to a close (number 3) was so popular that it shot to that position compared with posts earlier in the year that had much more time in the year to accumulate views. My random observation on that would be that politics and the culture war has a choke-hold on the Christian religion within the USA even within conservative Reformed i.e. NAPARC circles. Just a passing thought.
    All the best in 2020.

    • TLSE,

      Happy New Year!

      I think you’re right.

      I’ve noticed the same pattern. Culture-related posts/essays tend to garner more traffic than other sorts of posts. E.g., I’ve been commenting on 1 & 2 Peter for some time and they get rather less traffic than culture-related posts or posts to do with baptism.

      Thanks for the encouragement. May the Lord bless you in 2020.

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