American Gospel Documentary Now Available Online

In October of last year the HB noted the release of the documentary American Gospel, an exposé of the so-called “prosperity gospel,” as well as the widespread confusion in evangelicalism over the nature of justification. I noted then, for far too many American and global Christians, the “prosperity gospel” is all they know of Christianity. For far too many Christians what the Scriptures actually teach about the law and the gospel is almost entirely unknown. Their leaders and influences are complete charlatans such as Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, and Joel Osteen. As Mike Horton showed years ago, for many Christless Christianity is Christianity. It takes other forms too but the “health and wealth” message is perhaps its most garish form. In this new film Brandon Kimber tackles this topic and related questions. Is Christianity really about “being a good person”? What is salvation? How are people saved and what consequences does this have for their life? What hath Oprah to do with Christianity? For that matter, what hath Norman Vincent Peale to do with Christianity?

One of the other topics the film takes up is the Roman doctrine of salvation:

The documentary has been available as a DVD and is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo, and other platforms. More info»


  1. Every Christian needs to see this video.
    It is a GREAT Sunday School idea–the video is 139 minutes long, divisible in 3 segments of approximately 46 minutes each. The producers of this really excellent-in-every-way video need to be encouraged–and showing it to your church will stimulate sales that they richly deserve, so they can produce more resources of this quality.
    Can’t say enough about it!

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