Office Hours Season 6: To Know Wisdom

Office Hours 2016 full sizeOurs is not an age characterized by wisdom either inside or outside the church. Conferences on wisdom will not likely pack a football stadium (at least not a large one) but wisdom is a major theme in Scripture—terms for wisdom  occur more than 200 times in the Bible—and it was the theme for season 6 of Office Hours: “To Know Wisdom.” Few things are as needed today, both inside and outside the church, as wisdom. The nuclear and extended family seems to have collapsed even as it being re-defined in ways that defy nature and the God who ordered it. Popular preachers are celebrated, not for preaching Christ crucified but for facilitating greater “health and wealth.” The blind are leading the blind. In this season we heard from W. Robert Godfrey, David VanDrunen, Mike Horton, Steve Baugh, Josh Van Ee, Charles Telfer, John Fesko, Bryan Estelle, Joel Kim, Dennis Johnson, and Julius Kim.

The faculty also gave a series of chapel messages on wisdom. These have been collected and published as an e-book, The Treasury of God’s Wisdom. This volume features essays by Dennis Johnson, Steve Baugh, John Fesko, Mike Horton, Joshua Van Ee, Joel Kim,  Charles Telfer, Bryan Estelle, Zach Keele, W. Robert Godfrey, and yours truly.

  1. What Is Wisdom? — Bob Godfrey
  2. The Importance of Wisdom—David VanDrunen
  3. Where Is Wisdom Found?—Mike Horton
  4. On Christ and Wisdom—Steve Baugh
  5. Abraham, Foolishness, and Wisdom—Josh Van Ee
  6. The Wisdom of Moses—Charles Telfer
  7. The Wisdom of Samson—W. Robert Godfrey
  8. The Wisdom of Ecclesiastes—John Fesko
  9. The Wisdom of Proverbs (1)— Bryan Estelle
  10. The Wisdom of Proverbs (2)—Bryan Estelle
  11. The Wisdom of Paul (1)—Joel Kim
  12. The Wisdom of Paul (2)—Joel Kim
  13. Wisdom in Pastoral Ministry—Dennis Johnson
  14. Wisdom in Preaching—Julius Kim
  15. The Treasury of God’s Wisdom—Dennis Johnson

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  1. Dr. Clark,
    Thank you for publishing this list. Are these the same information presented in the series on Wisdom presented in the Morning Devotionals and compiled by Dennis Johnson? Recently I attempted to download that file but was unsuccessful. I lent/said farewell to my only published copy.

    Also, the link on this page does not connect to the form.

    • Hi Catherine,

      Oops! That’s supposed to be a live link. I’ve contacted the seminary and they are working on it. In the meantime, if you call the development off ice at WSC they will probably send you another hard copy of the book.

      Here is a live link to the book.

      These are episodes of Office Hours that we did in addition to the chapel talks we gave,

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