On Being Reformed On Sale For 9.99 25 January 2019 Only

This volume appeared last fall but the price point (as the sales people say) was rather high. On 25 January 2019 the e-book will be priced affordably at 9.99 in dollars, pound sterling, and euros.

Order here.

Here is an interview about the book.

Paul Helm’s review and my reply.

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  1. We can rejoice that Particular Baptists share with us some essential aspects of Reformed theology, and that they trust in the imputed righteousness of Christ for their right standing before God. At the same time, they reject the the Reformed views on hermeneutics, redemptive history, the relationship of the covenants, the church, who the people of God are, eschatology, and, of course baptism because they reject the Reformed views. When you read the framers of the London Baptist Confession of 1689, it becomes apparent that they considered their views as vastly superior, and as providing a necessary improvement to Reformed theology which they considered to be not “reformed” enough! 1689 Federalism is rediscovering their writings and promoting the distinct views of these Particular Baptists in order to preserve their distinctives and maintain their heritage. It is strange that, given that they insist that the Baptist view is superior to that of the Reformed, they would want to identify as Reformed and confuse the issues. I find this book provides valuable clarification to help sort out that confusion.

    • @angela Maybe what they have always wanted to do is to redefine “reformed”.

      I just bought the book and I am eager to start reading it. What I find puzzling is that no many P&R people today discuss this issue.

      • This book interacts with and is, in part, a response to Recovering the Reformed Confession. I wrote that book to help P&R folk realize some of the ways we lost our bearings. People simply assume that things are the way they have always been.

  2. Heidelflogging again!

    Thanks for all your work on RRC and I hope the interaction shows how much we value it.

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