Logos 7 Basic Is Free

I am a Logos software user. I still use my older software for some things but for research Logos has become very valuable to me. The wealth of resources now included with Logos, the power of the search functions and the flexibility of the software are truly impressive. Even as I gradually learn how to use it I am sure that there things I am missing. All this to say that the full Logos 7 package is not free but Logos is now making available a basic version of Logos 7 for free. You should check it out. What have to lose? It’s free.

By the way, the mother company to Logos is Faithlife and they have a print division: Lexham Press Books. Lexham published Steve Baugh’s marvelous commentary on Ephesians. Listen to an interview with Steve about the commentary. They also publish Geerhardus Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics and a 28-volume collection of studies on Abraham Kuyper.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to scope out Logos to at least see what it’s like to use but the price has always intimidated away a layman like myself. This opportunity is perfect, thank you Dr. Clark.

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