Office Hours: Learning To Love The Psalms With Bob Godfrey

Office Hours 2016 full sizeFor some Christians, the Psalter, the 150 psalms in God’s Word, is an appendage to the New Testament. For others it is a forgotten book. Today, Christian young people know the lyrics in contemporary worship songs such as “Like A Sloppy Wet Kiss” but they do not know Psalm 23 nor have they ever sung it but it was not always so. For most of Christian history the Psalms were among the most influential books of the bible. The early Christians sang them. The medieval monks chanted them daily. In the Reformation, one of the first things the Reformed churches did was to produce a Psalter for God’s people to use in public and private worship. Bob Godfrey is president and Professor of Church History at Westminster Seminary California. He has been studying the Psalms for a number of years and he has just written a new and valuable introduction to the psalms, Learning to Love the Psalms.

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  1. The first time I really noticed Robert Godfrey, RC Sproul was giving it to him pretty good on stage. But the more I listen to Bob, the more I like him.

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