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  1. The whole Luther enigma. I’ve been in more conversations with Lutherans over how faith alone can dwell together with baptismal regeneration? I also asked them how their view of The Supper isn’t at odds with it too. They claim The Supper is related to justification not sanctification. I said no it’s for those already justified sola fide. They said justification isn’t a One time event. I think I’m realizing trying to superimpose a sola fide grid over a sacramental system like Lutheranism is like oil and water no matter how much one redefines the sacraments to be Protestant. It’s so frustrating. I know Luther made great strides and for that he is to be commended but he spoke so harshly against the Reformed who refused his sacramental ways. He called them fanatics along with the Anabaptists and ones with a different spirit who hold to immediate regeneration via the promise only. Why can’t I be confident in the promise of God believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved? I’m no fanatic but I am with the Reformed that the sacraments confirm faith not confer it salvifically. The sacraments according to Lutherans justify. How is this not an error on a serious level.

  2. I experienced a similar thing and had to resign my membership in an LCMS church. The pastor was very understanding as I had studied long before making this decision. The Lutheran denial of the doctrines of grace was paramount for me. I don’t understand salvation apart from those doctrines.

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