The LGBT War On Free Thought And Speech

The vitriolic reaction of the LGBT lobby to honesty from Americans about their consciences, religious beliefs, scientific knowledge, and political stances shows that their agenda boils down to shutting down free speech. This sounds counter-intuitive. After all, the media and Hollywood conditioned us in pre-Obergefell days to see gay rights and transgenderism as an expansion of free expression, certainly not its death knell. LGBT agitation and propaganda trained us to see it all as a matter of simply allowing people to be their authentic selves. Not as a tool to enforce conformity of thought on all of us, thereby erasing authenticity.

But it has become quickly clear that the LGBT lobby was merely using Americans’ love of freedom against us. They were packaging speech bans and economic conscription inside the stars and stripes. Their favored laws prioritize the ability of a tiny minority to compel everyone else to affirm their desires over everyone’s ability to discuss the issue honestly. Remember: transgender folks comprise 0.03 percent of the U.S. population, while children and adult women comprise some 62 percent.

When put that way, most Americans will disagree. So they have to be barred from discussion with smears of “bigotry” and “hate.” But we all know that disagreeing with someone does not mean hating them. It means that an issue is open for discussion, that’s all. If it cannot be open for discussion, we have now entered a totalitarian state in which people’s private thoughts and actions are now grounds for political control.

—Stella Morabito and Joy Pullmann, “The Transgender War Against Human Rights, Science, And Consent

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  1. The political artefact of 19th century critical thought and evolutionary materialism was and remains 20th century totalitarianism. I see the political left showing its true colors, and the things you mention in your post are part of the evidence.

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