Recovering The Reformed Confession For .99 On Kindle Today

Recovering the Reformed ConfessionIn case you’ve been waiting for the best possible deal before getting your own copy of Recovering the Reformed Confession well, the Kindle version is available today for .99.

You can also get for $1.99 the Kindle edition of Tributes to John Calvin: A Celebration of His Quincentenary, edited by David Hall. This a fine collection of essays on Calvin including my essay on Calvin’s principle of worship.

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  1. Thank you, Dr. Clark. I had indeed been waiting for the best possible deal! Now at long last I have a copy of RRC!

  2. I’m taking my parchment copy to Oahu on my vacation for a second read. It’s been a year or more since the first read. Yep, sitting on the beach reading theological books, what a dork.

  3. Reading through the book (purchased before the deal) and it’s well worth more than .99cents

  4. Clickety — purchased. I should review it, in my Abundant Free Time.

    Late to the game. Price is still good as of 3nov.

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