No Compromise On The Imputation Of Christ’s Active Obedience

NoCoRadioRecently I had the pleasure of talking with Mike Abendroth, Senior Pastor of Bethlehem Bible Church (West Boylston, MA) and the host of No Compromise Radio. We talked about the importance of the biblical doctrine of the imputation to the believer of all that Christ did, i.e., the imputation of the active obedience of Christ. We discuss an essay that appeared in Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral Ministry. We also discussed intinction (he asked) and Nebraska. Mike’s a nice guy. He must be. He’s from Nebraska.

Here’s the interview.

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    • Yes. Most Federal Visionists deny it. Norman Shepherd denies it. There were some at the Westminster Assembly who denied it. There are contemporary Dispensationalists who deny it. See the chapter in CJPM.

  1. Dear Dr. Scott,

    If a minister denies the doctrine of the imputation of Christ righteousness, would it necessarily distort his preaching of the gospel?


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