They Will Make An Example Of You

“There was a point in time where [the Bureau of Labor and Industries] was unsure on whether or not we should pursue the case right now or wait, just because of marriage equality in Oregon becoming a thing, and we were looking at the scope as a bigger whole. Because the whole reason of pursuing this case is to change these behaviors,” Aaron Cryer said. [Emphasis added—Ed.]

—Kelsey Harkness, “Emails Raise Questions of Bias in Case Against Bakers Who Denied Service for Same-Sex Wedding

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  1. That’s right, you’re a bigot if you don’t CELEBRATE transgender people and the like. Tolerating it is not enough, you MUST celebrate it or pay dearly.

    • The sign over the entrance to the anthill, when King Arthur is turned into an ant in the unpublished conclusion to T.H.White’s Once and Future King The Book of Merlyn, reads (slightly modified):

      Everything Not Forbidden is Compulsory by the New (Gay World) Order.

      This is a watershed moment. Precedent is being set from Hobby Lobby to the recent celebrity eunuch, Bruce Jenner to the pending Supreme decision on faux marriages for sodomites and lesbians. What they are trying to put over is the judicial doctrine that what is legal must be required.
      That means if they get their way, all “marriages” must be considered marriages, much more all doctors/hospitals must provide abortions, which are covered by all insurance providers and all photographers must do porn shoots and all stores must sell said porn.

      Whatever the anti fa says, it is not about free speech or liberty.
      Unless you think Geo. Orwell is a hate filled bigot.
      And oddly enough, enough of the hate filled little bigots do.

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