Saved By The Blood Of The Lamb

I was blinded by the devil, Born already ruined, Stone-cold dead As I stepped out of the womb. By His grace I have been touched, By His word I have been healed, By His hand I’ve been delivered, By His Spirit I’ve been sealed. I’ve been saved, By the blood of the Lamb.

Nobody to rescue me, Nobody would dare, I was going down for the last time, But by His mercy I’ve been spared. Not by works, But by faith in Him who called. I’ve been saved, By the blood of the Lamb.

—Bob Dylan and Tim Drummond, “Saved” (1980)

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  1. I had this album. So sad that a man with such a seeming deep understanding of saving faith did not persevere in that faith.

    • When Dylan put out his Christmas album a few years ago an interviewer commented skeptically to Bob on his rendition of O Little Town of Bethlehem (to paraphrase), “You sound like you really beleive those lyrics.” Dylan replied, “What makes you think I don’t.”

      Granted there are reasons one can be skeptical. But then again…

  2. Bob Dylan is a sinner, but so am I. Bob Dylan believes the Gospel and so do I. I didn’t here this song in church yesterday, but I heard this Gospel. We aren’t supposed to say “alleluia” in church during Lent, but we can think it.

    This post makes my Monday! Thank you!

  3. yes I suppose he’s not dead yet, but he did do a concert a few years back for the Anti-christ in Rome
    which would indicate his level of discernment, or rather dare I say show were his “faith” really is at.

    • So anyone who has met the pope is condemned? Here I agree with Hodge. We should be very careful about judging hearts.

      I don’t understand why we seem to be so anxious to condemn. Would I perform for the pope? No but most adherents to the WCF no longer confess that the papacy = antichrist. Does that mean they’ll all condemned? I can’t say that.

      Let’s tread very carefully here.

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