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Comments-281x300Quick update. Heidelreaders are essential to the HB. So, comments are welcome and important to the HB. Civil, patient discussion is an important way to learn and grow. As a reader, writer, and teacher I’m in almost constant discussion with someone (via text, screen, or in person). Through discussion we learn about the existence of questions and points of view we otherwise might have missed but contra the widespread assumption on the web there are limits. Here they are:

Comments are welcome but must observe the moral law. Comments that are profane, deny the gospel, advance positions contrary to the Reformed confession, or irritate the management are subject to deletion. Anonymous comments, posted without permission, are forbidden.

There is a reason for each of these qualifications. The HB management has had to suspend or block commenters for each of these offenses. If your comment doesn’t appear it’s either a technical glitch or your comment failed one of these tests. In that case you have a choice. If you don’t like the Reformed confession (i.e., the theology, piety, and practice confessed by the Reformed churches), I understand but the HB combox is not a forum for you to try to persuade people to abandon Reformed theology, piety, and practice. If that’s your goal: get your own blog. Have questions? Great. Ask ’em. Want clarification? Go for it. Test the patience of the management, however, and you’ll end up on moderated status. Keep it up and you’ll be blocked and the management won’t even see your comment and neither will anyone else.

The management understands that anonymity is widely used on the interwebs. It is possible to comment anonymously on the HB but only under certain circumstances. Commenters must take responsibility for their words. Generally that means no anonymous comments. If, however, commenting on the HB might place you in jeopardy you are welcome to contact us to ask for an exception.

Please keep reading and participating on the HB. The central purpose of the HB is to help people discover and recover Reformed theology, piety, and practice and that is meant to lead to discussion and thence to learning but let’s all try to keep it between the lines.


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