Office Hours: The Pilgrim’s Prayer (2)

Office HoursAfter the fall, believers wandered. They were pilgrims, looking for a another city whose builder and maker is God (Heb 11). They were looking for a heavenly city. Under the old, Mosaic covenant, believers were given colorful pictures of heaven and even the final judgment, which they were called to illustrate in their war with the Canaanites. Even though they were called to conquer the land, Scripture teaches us that believers understood that it was only temporary and that they were still pilgrims. After the destruction of the temple, after the exile from the land, their pilgrim status became more obvious. Israel lived uncomfortably as pilgrims during the inter-testamental period and their greatest disappointment with Jesus was that he did not live up to their expectation: to return to the glory days of David’s (and Solomon’s) kingdom. The disciples were understandably confused. Our Lord addressed this confusion when he answered their request, “teach us how to pray.” This is part 2 of a two-part episode on the Lord’s Prayer  (Matt 6:5–15) with Steve Baugh, Professor of New Testament at Westminster Seminary California.

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