Roman Emperors In Early Christianity AD 69–211

Location Caesar Reign Notable
Rome Galba/Otho/Vitellius 69 murdered/suicide/murdered
Rome Vespasian 69–79 ___
Rome Titus 79–81 Destroyed Jerusalem 70
Rome Domitian 81–96 Persecuted the Ap John
et al
Rome Nerva 96–98 ___
Rome Trajan 98–117 corr. w/Pliny
Rome Hadrian 117–38 ___
Rome Anton. Pius 138–61 ___
Rome Marcus Aurelius 161–80 ___
Rome Lucius Verus 161–69 co-regent w/Marcus
Rome Avidius Cassius 175 Usurper murdered
Rome Commodus 177–92 murdered
Rome Pertinax 193–93 disputed/murdered
Rome Didius Julianus 193–93 disp/murdered
Rome Septimus Severus 193–211 presided over intense persecution

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