The Legacy Of Martin Luther King (Updated)

Office HoursIn view of the Martin Luther King holiday I’m re-posting the interview with Mika Edmondson about his work on Dr King.


Americans are in the midst of a national discussion about race. It’s a difficult discussion, one that is not always conducted well either by politicians or preachers. Dr Martin Luther King is not only a central figure in this discussion but he remains one of the most important figures in modern American history. Given the national discussion we are having it is useful to go back to the sources and to get to know Dr King again. To help us do that Ryan Glomsrud and I sat down with the Rev Mika Edmondson, who is writing his PhD dissertation on Dr. King and currently serves Harvest OPC as a Church Plant intern.  Mika-EdmondsonMika was on campus to give some lectures to a course in modern theology and in this episode he introduces us to aspects of Dr King’s biography that have been lost. We know him as the leader of marches and boycotts and most famously as the man who gave the “Dream” speech on the Washington Mall in 1963. He was, however, raised in a theologically conservative context and, Mika argues, that context continued to inform his theology and life even as he studied Modernist theology. Here’s the episode.

Here are all the episodes.

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This post first appeared in July, 2013.


Here is an essay by Mika published today on the RAAN.

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  1. Saturday, Jan.18,2014, a pastoral call was put in the hands of Rev. Mika Edmonson, a minister of the Gospel and presently on the roll of the regional church, Presbytery of MI-ON of the OPC.

    Rev. Edmonson will not be a ministerial member of presbytery until his installation, per FG.23.18, “…presbytery may, at his request, enroll him as a member of the regional church; he shall thus not be enrolled as a member of the presbytery, and the presbytery shall hold his ministerial credentials in suspense while he seeks a call to service.”

    Rev. Edmonson has been called as a minister, for the field of service: New City Fellowship (OPC), in the heart of Grand Rapids, MI. Please pray for this mission work, for the pastor and leadership and a core group (drawn mainly from Harvest OPC, the mother-church), and for this church-planting effort across secular cultural divides.

    Gal.3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

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