Baruch Maoz: Christian Zionism Is Wrong

The fawning, spineless adoration of Israel and of all things Jewish is decidedly sub-Christian; it runs against the grain of biblical revelation; it lacks the courage of its most fundamental convictions; it disenfranchises the Palestinians by assuming that the negation of their national aspirations is a necessary aspect of the Christian faith; it weds the Gospel to politics and confirms Israel in her sin instead of calling her to grace through faith and repentance.

Nor is Christian Zionism’s professed love for Israel sincere. It is, rather, a fascination, largely borne on the grounds of eschatological speculations that change every time the events of the world take a new turn. I am old enough to look back and remember those many confident authors whose understanding the of the Bible was shaped by their day’s news, and who confidently announced that the detailed events of the day were prophesied by Scripture. They could make such claims only by divesting biblical texts of their native meaning, tearing them out of their original context and rendering them irrelevant to the people whom they originally addressed. Read more»

Baruch Maoz | “Christian Zionism Is Wrong”


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  1. I agree with everything that is written above plus the fact that Zionism asks us to at least partially deny that each Palestinian is made in the image of God by treating Jews with preference. James warns us, from a different context, not to treat others with preference.

    At the same time, we must emphasize that neither can we treat Palestinians with preference over Jews. Rather, we must fully recognize how each Jew and Palestinian are made in God’s image, are sinners, and need Christ.

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