Preaching Genesis 1

map_of_escondido_caWe’ve been blessed by the ministry of pastor Chris Gordon at Escondido URC. He’s also the proprietor of the Gordian Knot and the host of the Abounding Grace Radio program, currently broadcast in the Pacific Northwest, Phoenix, and San Diego. Recently, he has begun a series of sermons on the book of Genesis. In this opening message he addressed the original context, intent, and teaching of Genesis 1:1–25, in “The Ten Words of Creation.” Chris does an outstanding job of handling God’s Word and of applying it carefully and thoughtfully.

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  1. I envy you guys at Escondido URC. I have downloaded and profited greatly listening to his sermons at his former church in WA. Christ-centered–enough said!

  2. Good stuff. Thank you for posting it.

    Tell Chris to turn on the moderation application for “The Gordian Knot”.

    Spammers are running amok over there.

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