The Nine FV Points Rejected By The PCA General Assembly 2007


  1. 1. Rejects the bi-covenantal structure of Scripture as represented in the Westminster standards (i.e., views which do not merely take issue with the terminology, but the essence of the first/second covenant framework)
  2. An individual is “elect” by virtue of his membership in the visible church; and that this “election” includes justification, adoption and sanctification; but that this individual could lose his “election” if he forsakes the visible church
  3. Christ does not stand as a representative head whose perfect obedience and satisfaction is imputed to individuals who believe in him
  4. Strikes the language of “merit” from our theological vocabulary so that the claim is made that Christ’s merits are not imputed to his people
  5. “Union with Christ” renders imputation redundant because it subsumes all of Christ’s benefits (including justification) under this doctrinal heading
  6. Water baptism effects a “covenantal union” with Christ through which each baptized person receives the saving benefits of Christ’s mediation, including regeneration, justification, and sanctification, thus creating a parallel soteriological system to the decretal system of the Westminster standards.
  7. One can be “united to Christ” and not receive all the benefits of Christ’s mediation including perseverance, in that effectual union
  8. Some can receive the saving benefits of Christ’s mediation, such as regeneration and justification, and yet not persevere in those benefits
  9. Justification is in any way based on our works, or that the so-called “final verdict of justification” is based on anything other than the perfect obedience and satisfaction of Christ received through faith alone.

PCA General Assembly 2007


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