RRC Now Available on Kindle and iTunes!

Recovering the Reformed Confession-FeaturedDue to popular demand or just the ordinary movement of technology Recovering the Reformed Confession is now available via Kindle and iTunes for $9.99. As always, the hardcopy is available through the Bookstore (ding, ding!) at Westminster Seminary California.

If the sound effects make no sense then clearly you’ve not been listening to Office Hours.

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  1. Excuse my ignorance but is it possible on the itunes book to make notes not entered in on the pop up keypad. IOW, is their opportunity to use a stylus to write notes like you might in a paperback?

    • Just press on the text until the blue opaque field appears. You can drag it over the text you want. Then select the arrow in the black bar just above which will reveal an option for “note”. Press note and it will open a new field with the text you selected. Make your notes. Done.

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