Pastor Willour is Reading RRC!

Recovering the Reformed Confession-FeaturedPastor Geoff Willour is pastor of Lake OPC in Cleveland. He writes: “One of the things that I have noticed in recent years has been lots of discussion (both on the internet, and through numerous books and articles) on two trends in American church culture: (1) The evangelical churches losing many of their young people to the secular world; and (2) Reformed and Presbyterian churches (like the OPC) losing many of their young people (and other congregants of various age groups) to either independent evangelical churches (often of a Baptistic, revivalistic or contemporary flavor), or (as with youth raised in evangelical churches) to the secular world. While there are obviously exceptions to these trends, I suspect that if we took an honest look at many of our congregations we would discover that in typical confessional Reformed and Presbyterian churches (like OPC churches) there are very few congregants of post-college age in their 20s and early-to-mid 30s on the membership rolls. Clearly we in the confessional Reformed and Presbyterian churches have not done a very good job at either attracting a younger generation of believers or of retaining the loyalty of our covenant youth (or even the long-term loyalty of older members, some of whom journey with us for a time but then decide to move on or return to independent and more broadly evangelical pastures where they perhaps feel more “at home”). What can we in the OPC do not only to attract new members, but also to retain a stable, loyal membership (especially among the younger generations)?” Read more»

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  1. Hi Dr. Clark,

    I’m honored you thought my article was good enough to link to. Thanks for the publicity (our webmaster noticed we got a lot of extra traffic to our website last week, most likely due to your link). 🙂

    In Christ’s service,

    Geoff Willour

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