The HB Goes Mobile

The HB has been back for almost two months and we’re still making tweaks here and there. We’re always working to make the site more useful. The latest is a new mobile site. We would like your feedback. Check it out on your mobile device and let us know what works and what doesn’t.

The sidebar, search, and other features are accessed by tapping on the arrow just below the Heidelblog header.

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    • Hi Chuck,

      Yes, I’m familiar with T. David’s arguments. We had him out to give lectures on these topics last year. He raises good and important questions. Electronic distraction is a real issue. I struggle with it. Nevertheless, I hope the HB is worth the time people spend here, that it’s more edifying than distracting. If it becomes a serious distraction for people I hope people will put it away in favor of more substantive pursuits.

  1. Seems to be functional and I probably will visit more by iPhone now. I’ll keep this short because the comment font is quite small and I don’t like typing much on my phone

    • Thanks MM!

      ps. I was going to say something about being a fellow bluesman but the Monkees came up randomly on my iPhone as I was typing so I guess I’m disqualified now. Oh wait, Clapton’s “Kind Hearted Woman” just came up. I’m back in the club!

  2. Yes, Scott, I saw your analogy to the blues a few weeks back!

    I’m not sure what T. David Gordon said about technology but I know that, as a parent, there are plenty of times when I am watching events, waiting in a car, sitting in a waiting room, etc., when I would much rather read the H-blog than listen to my brain cells dieing.

    There’s a quote for you Scott – “I would rather read Heidelblog than listen to my brain cells dieing.” If a blog had a dust jacket, that quote would be gold.

  3. Works great on my iPod 3 , with the added bonus that iOS doesn’t support Flash– a convenient means of filtering out the Tetzellian plea for donations!

  4. What’s a “mobile device”? Is it like that little mouse thingie that you push around? (I don’t get out much.)

    • Hi RL.

      Yes, the mobile view of the HB should come up when you go to the HB via your browser on your phone. There’s no “app” for the HB.

      Please let me know if it doesn’t come up.

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