In Case You’re Still Debating Whether to Attend the Conference

San Diego County inland is a series of hills, ridges, and canyons. This view is about 15 minutes north of the seminary. People who haven’t visited North San Diego County may imagine it to be much more urban than it is. There are large, sometimes congested freeways and other urban and suburban phenomena, but North County Inland, where Westminster Seminary California is located is situated near a rural area with a good bit of agriculture. Suburban development is spreading—the area right next to the seminary was an orange grove when I was a student (’84–’87) and now is a housing development but citrus groves are still only a short distance south of the campus.

If you get to Escondido for the 2013 faculty conference you might take some time to explore some of the backroads toward Palomar Mountain or toward Ramona and Julian.

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  1. Wish I could make it! It’s been too long!

    I ALMOST convinced my wife to take our 10th anniversary trip there instead of on a Carribbean cruise. The key word here being “almost.” 🙂

    Hoping for next year!

    • I can envision that discussion:

      Fix: Uh, honey, what do you think about going to the conference?
      Mrs Fix: What conference? I thought we were going on a cruise.
      Fix: Yeah, well, about that. You see it’s the 450th anniversary…
      Mrs Fix: That’s our 10th anniversary. Cruise.
      Fix: Sure, hon! that’s what I was thinking all along.

      Happy Anniversary from the HB!

  2. That’s exactly how it went, how did you know? Clearly, we have a priorities issue…I’m working on it!

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