Heidegger Now Available Online!

Special thanks to Wes White for pointing us to this most valuable resource: volume 1 of J. H. Heidegger (1633-98), Corpus theologiae christianae is now online. I’m downloading it now.

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  1. I was thinking “Martin Heidegger” (not that Martin wrote any Christian systematics, which is what threw me for a sec).

    Who is this J.H. guy? Any relation to Martin?

  2. Wow. What a treasure. I’ve seen Muller cite him often throughout his 4 vols. on Reformed Orthodoxy but have never actually seen anything by him. So much is locked in in the Latin, I’m afraid. Is Heidegger slated for translation in the CRT series?

    • Hi Michael,

      This is the first time I’ve been able to see this text. Copies are very rare but yes, this text would be on the list. When it will happen, I have no idea. Latin translators don’t grow on trees.

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