The Three Forms of Unity in Multiple Languages

Just stumbled on this terrific collection!

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  1. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for posting this website. I passed it along to our Chinese missionary for his evaluation. Unfortunately, he commented that the Chinese translation of the Three Forms of Unity is a very poor piece of work. Too bad. He has looked high and low for a good quality translation but has not found one as yet. The result is that he has a translation team hard at work producing a new and more accurate translation of the Catechism, Canons and Belgic. It should be ready soon.

    • The Chinese translations of each of the documents of the Three Forms of Unity to which James Visscher refers are the work of Dr. Charles Chao (Copy right Reformation Translation Fellowship). The CPRC website links to them as the best available on-line Chinese versions (as far as we know). Would Mr. Visscher please let me know when the new translation work he speaks of is finished and if it is to be on-line? (my e-mail number: We will then very gladly link to it.

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