New Free Audio: Office Hours from Westminster Seminary California

OfficeHoursArtwork300Office Hours is a new monthly audio production of Westminster Seminary California, available online as an MP3 download on our website or as a podcast on iTunes. Season One of Office Hours introduces you to the faculty of WSC through personal, 30-minute interviews, discussing biblical and exegetical questions, historical and theological questions, pastoral matters, and Christian living.

Office Hours invites you to join the faculty in their offices for a discussion of issues that are important to you and the church. Don’t miss any of these programs! Subscribe today!

Online now: The Office Hours preview to Season One features audio from a few of the shows. To encourage you to subscribe and listen to Office Hours we’re giving away five gift packages during season one. Instructions for how to participate are in the preview show and on the WSC website. The preview show is on our website now and available on iTunes

The first two full episodes of Office Hours will be available on August 31 on our website or on iTunes.

  • RSC-Ofc HoursEpisode 1 features an interview with W. Robert Godfrey, President of WSC and Professor of Church History
  • Episode 2 features an interview with Julius J. Kim, Associate Professor of Practical Theology

We want to hear from you. If you have questions you would like the faculty to discuss, please send them to

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    R.Scott Clark is the President of the Heidelberg Reformation Association, the author and editor of, and contributor to several books and the author of many articles. He has taught church history and historical theology since 1997 at Westminster Seminary California. He has also taught at Wheaton College, Reformed Theological Seminary, and Concordia University. He has hosted the Heidelblog since 2007.

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  1. -Sounds interesting. So your the one that does those commercials for WSCAL on WHI?

    “…from Moses to mountain climbing…”
    -“…and the Lord called Moses to the top of the mountain, and Moses went up”? Hmmm.

  2. I’m hurrying to subscribe before the “fairness doctrine” gets reinstated! ;(

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