Audio: Calvin as Theologian of Comfort

I’m sorry for the quality but here is audio of a lecture I gave (via DVD) to the Heidelberg Reformation Association in May on Calvin’s doctrine of assurance. I’m working on getting the video on the web. It’s on my computer (mac via imovie) and can be compressed for YouTube or other services but it took about 6 hours to burn it to DVD for the conference and I’ve not been anxious to fiddle with it again. If you have suggestions as where it could be easily posted, I’m happy to hear them.

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  1. One, if you need something to modify the format, try Handbrake:
    see about it here:
    It’s legit; I’ve used it several times.

    Second, you can probably post the whole thing on GoogleVideo:

    GoogleVideo doesn’t have as strict time limits as YouTube.
    Uploading is fairly easy with the “uploader”:

    • Thanks! I think I’m going to put the video on a seminary computer and let our tech people figure out how to get it online, but I’ll pass on this note.

      • Can you also pass on the note that Westminster Seminary California definitely needs to open a YouTube and/or GoogleVideo account, and place videos of lectures, special events, advertisements, and educational snippets, etc? For example, WTS (Philly) and RTS (Virtual, Charlotte, Jackson, ad nauseum), have illustrated how this can be done.

        I love WSC’s audio resources with feeds, etc. Video would be a bonus.

  2. Dr. Clark,

    Email me for my physical address and send me a copy of the DVD. I will put it into several formats and send you the movies back. If you would like the help…

    If you are interested you can serve the online stream from my site…

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