Free E-Books from B&N

I’m not  a big fan of e-books but perhaps for traveling or for other specialized purposes they might be useful. WSC interim librarian John Bales shared this link with me.

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  1. I know you’re down on e-books, but it would be wonderful if your books, along with other WSC faculty publications, were available in Logos format.

  2. E-books are a librarians dream, well ok for some they may be their nightmare but I find them to be a dream come true…that said being an Electronic Resource Coordinator I probably should! 😉

  3. I have an Amazon Kindle and the ability to carry and read multiple large books is fantastic. Many Reformed writers like Dr Clark are not available yet but Horton and Riddlebarger are and you can also read PDF books by Kline and others. Added to that is an ability to browse the web for free with a built in rudimentary browser (to do things like read this blog), play MP3’s (uhhh to listen to our favorite Psalms of course). Because of work and life in general, I normally don’t have the opportunity to read the books I want as they tend to be large and cumbersome but in the short time I have owned the Kindle I have already gone through three 500+ page books and am planning on finally attacking various collected works that have been collecting dust on my shelves (in electronic format). The technology still needs a LOT of improvement and books will likely still be more useful for scholars for decades to come (annotation, ease of access, tradition, etc.) but it seems to me e-books and e-book readers are the future of publishing at least for a recreational reader like myself. For now I will be looking to get rid of the paper versions of the Works of Edwards, Bunyan, Milton, etc. as they become available in Kindle format.

  4. @soundguy,
    I know someone who would appreciate the Works of Bunyan, etc. Please let me know when you decide to get rid of them.

  5. Let’s all share the good and free e-books available on BN. Here’s my findings:

    Friendship by Hugh Black
    The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit by George Smeaton
    History of the Christian Church by Schaff
    The Jerusalem Sinner Saved by John Bunyan
    The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan
    Works of Thomas Goodwin

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