It's Out: Recovering the Reformed Confession

 Click on the image to order.

You can see the front matter (table of contents etc) and read a sample chapter online for free. It’s $19.63 for 350 pages. There is more info here.

Thanks to KimMartin, Lane, Dennis, Timothy, Danny, Ben, Dan, and to our friends at the WTS/P bookstore for letting us know about the arrival of the book. I’m not sure it will fit into the ordinary Christmas stocking but I hope your local seminary student, pastor, elder, or just about anyone interested in Reformed theology, piety, and practice would be happy to have it.

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  1. Just bought my copy too. Getting ready to have my evangelical sensibilities pummelled! Congrats on the book!

  2. I can check both the Pittsburgh Seminary library and the Reformed Presbyterian Seminary Library for you Dr. Clark.

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