It's In the Bookstore: Reforming or Conforming: Postconservative Evangelicals and the Emerging Church

Edited by Gary Johnson and Ron Gleason, Reforming or Conforming contains essays on on Scripture (Paul Wells, and John Bolt), on John Franke’s use of postmodernism in theology (Paul Helm), on Brian McLaren’s relation to boundaries (Scott Clark), on Princeton and reason (Paul Helseth), on N. T. Wright (Guy Waters), and several other worth entries. Its at the Bookstore at WSC for $15.71. Click on the icon for more info.

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  1. Note current comments – 5/4/09 – on C. Michael Patton’s Parchment and Pen blog (Reclaiming the Mind); to the effect that the “Emergent Church” is dead.

    Seems like someone ought to disagree here?

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