The End of the CRC as A Confessional Church?

That’s what Randy Blacketer says will happen if Synod 2008 adopts the proposed new form for confessional subscription (HT: Mark Vander Pol).

Update: Andrew  comments here.

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  1. The article quotes a CRC minister, when asked if he could sign the form of subscription responded: ” ‘Well, yes, but I have some difficulty with the Canons [of Dort].’ The response was, ‘Well, so do we all…’ ”

    Is this not clear evidence that “Reformed” churches desperately need to recover the Reformed Confessions? These are not stale historical documents, as the CRC seems to want to treat them. They are clear concise summaries of what the Word of God teaches. If they have “difficulty with the Canons” then get rid of them, and at the same time stop using the adjective “reformed.” Thanks.

  2. Hasn’t the CRC already ceased to be confessional long ago, and isn’t this then a wake up call to those who remain in the CRC who need to leave?

  3. Circumstances took us away from our CRC congregation in the early 90’s. We eventually landed elsewhere (EFCA, which has it’s own issues, not relevant to this).

    Last year someone pointed me to a Banner news story on that Synod. For me it was like Rip van Winkle, back from sleep. Third Wave Pentecostalism? In the CRC? Baby dedication? Everything I saw pointed to a serious unmooring.

    So, the CRC is motorboating off into the void with this one?

  4. Lee,

    It is chilling that the dissenting committee on Third wave was not only MINORITY but rebuffed at Synod 2007.

    As an office-bearer in the CRC who has watched his fellow officers give the revision a collective yawn, I have come to say out loud what I have suspected for some time: my time within her is limited. There is something to said for quiet divorces.

    Blacketer was my last hope as he was on our roster to fill our puplit. Just this morning we were advised that he has been stricken from our list of candidates due to his controversial nature on this and other issues.

  5. Echo,

    You need to read Hart’s piece at DRC on “being situated.” It’s complicated, perhaps a bit much for Evangelicals learning to be Presbyterians to appreciate, but it’s always good to stretch yourself.

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