What Socinianism Is And Why You Should Know

The term “Socinianism” has recently appeared in various theological discussions, especially as it relates to topics such as the doctrine of the Trinity and biblicism. At the same time, many have little familiarity with the history or definitive marks of Socinian thought. This is in part due to the fact that our only interactions with Socinianism are found in their interlocutors (e.g. Francis Turretin). As a result, the term itself can at times serve as a convenient strawman, stuffed and dressed to resemble the theological position of one’s opponent.

In this article, I’d like to show some of the distinctives of Socinianism and its broader influence, with a concluding thought on whether there are Socinians today. My hope is that those unfamiliar with the subject will be helped and able to further engage in fruitful dialogue.

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Derrick Brite | “Socinianism: Then and Now?” | November 4th, 2022


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