The Canons Of Dork #25 For February 3, 2024


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About Sarah Perkins

Sarah Perkins (MSc Business and Management, University of Essex; BA Art, University of Montevallo) is a pastor’s wife, married to Harrison, and artist based out of Michigan. She recently changed from full-time work in education management to being a full-time mom to their son Scott. She is the artist behind Illustrated Theology, also doing all the art for The New Geneva, and enjoys reading, travelling, and remembering and reciting useless trivia.


  1. I reckon Christ is coming in glory at the end of the Millennium that started when, as in Revelation 20:1-3, Satan was bound from deceiving the gentiles wholesale, so gentiles now have as much opportunity to believe as Jews.
    Does that make me a post-mill, an a-mill, or just a millstone round people’s necks (I call myself a post-present-mill)?

    • Hi John,

      I know you’re speaking a bit tongue in cheek here, so please don’t take it personally, but the rest of us will probably just continue calling your position a-mill despite the unfortunate and inaccurate prefix. There’s been enough time for the language to change on this one, and it hasn’t yet, so I doubt it ever will.

      Pessimistic Now-Millennialist 😉

    • Hi Brandon,
      I think that once it is accepted that a correct transloation of τὰ ἔθνη in Revelation 20:3 is “the gentiles”, it becomes clear that there is indeed a Millennium, and that it started shortly after Pentecost, when the Gospel was opened to the gentiles.
      At no time in my adult life did I imagine that classical postmillennialialism, with its inherent denial of the possibility of Christ’s immediate return, could be a satisfactory option, although “The Son of Man cometh at an hour that YE think not” shows that there will be many that think that it is.


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