Johnson: That Adam Was A Type of Christ Implies Federal Theology

Adam was a typos of the Coming One. This first example vividly illustrates the similarity and dissimilarity between type and fulfillment that characterizes biblical typology. The similarity between Adam and Christ is that each acts as a covenantal representative whose response to God’s authority affects all those whom he represents. Adam acts, many are affected; Christ acts, many are affected. The dissimilarity lies in the fact that Adam’s and Christ’s responses to the divine will are polar opposites, and therefore the effects on those represented are likewise diametrically opposed to each other. Because Adam disobeyed, all for whom he acted were constituted sinners, condemned to death. Because Christ obeyed, all for whom he acted are constituted righteous, vindicated in life (5:15–21).

Dennis Johnson | Him We Proclaim: Preaching Christ from All the Scriptures, ed. John J. Hughes (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 2007), 202–203.


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  1. Pastor Tony,

    As a result of reading your brief, blog posts in the Heidelblog, I opened and began reading ‘Journeys with Jesus, Every Path Leads Us to CHRIST’ by Dennis E. Johnson; this is Dennis’ Christ-centered book for bunnies.

    After reading your quote, I ordered Dennis’ book that you quote from, his book for giraffes.

    As I read (Acknowledgements) Dennis’ journey from English Professor to the man of God who engaged pastoral students in Christ Centered Theology at the WSC, I realized the blessing of Edmund Clowney to Dennis has also blessed my life. I participated in a bi-monthly discussion of Ted Hamilton’s Christ-centered Sermons at Dennis and Jane’s home. These were lively, tender-hearted, and thought provoking discussions of God’s Word.

    We who believe in Christ, our Savior and Lord, and therefore live in the substance of Christ, require (to hear the Gospel) God’s perspective (the Covenant and Redemptive History) that He provides a path to our hero, Jesus the Christ, in all Scripture. And in order to find that path we need Scripture to understand Scripture (WCF 1.9).

    Thank you

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